How should I maintain my health after liver transplant in Delhi?


How I Should Maintain My Health After Liver Transplant In Delhi?

A liver transplant in India is a major surgical procedure. You have to take extra care because of the increased risk of infection as well as organ rejection. Following measures can help maintain your health after liver transplant:

Prevent infections: The primary medications prescribed to you is immunosuppressant that prevents the body from rejecting the transplanted liver. However, it increases your vulnerability to infection. You should avoid contact with the people suffering from contagious disease, take vaccine shots on time, and avoid getting any injury.

Routine check-ups: Routine check-up is an important part of the overall transplantation process. It will allow your healthcare provider to analyze the functioning of the liver and to figure out any post-surgical complications.

Medications: You are prescribed with certain medications such as immunosuppressants and antibiotics. Take your medications at the scheduled time and according to advised dose. In case you missed any dose, inform your healthcare provider.

Things to avoid: You should refrain from taking alcoholic beverages as it will interfere with the normal functioning of the liver. You should also avoid tattooing as it will increase the risk of infection.

What Is The Outcome Of My Liver Transplant?

If you maintain a healthy living and follow the advice of a healthcare provider, the outcomes are excellent. Many people with a liver transplant can survive for almost 30 years post-surgery. If you have received the liver form living donor, you might have a better outcome as compared to people with the deceased donors. Change in lifestyle, taking medications according to schedule and avoiding any chance of infections play a major role in positive outcomes after liver transplant surgery.

Is There A Risk Of Recurrence Of Liver Disease?

In some cases, there is a risk of recurrence of liver disease in the new liver. If you have a liver failure due to hepatitis C then you are at increased risk of its recurrence. Your healthcare provider will provide you detailed information about the possible liver ailments that might recur. You would constantly be under their monitoring and they will advise you to follow certain measures that will reduce the risk of recurrence of liver disease.

How Long I Have To Take Medications?

You are prescribed various medications. There are almost 5-7 medications that you should take strictly as per the schedule. However, as your body is healing and your liver starts functioning with full efficacy, the frequency, dose, and number of medications start reducing. After 3-6 months, there would probably be 1-2 medications. As almost in all cases of liver transplantation, you may need immunosuppressants for the rest of your life.

What Would Be The Effect Of My Sexual Life After Liver Transplant?

There is no significant impact on your sexual activity after your liver transplant. You may probably have low desire or libido which will normal a few weeks after the surgery. As you are on immunosuppressants, you are at greater risk of contracting Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs). Thus, while engaging in sexual activity, you should use protective devices such as condoms. Women, who have undergone a liver transplant, should wait for at least a year post-surgery before getting pregnant. A detailed discussion with your healthcare provider is needed in this regard.

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